Thinking of Trading in Your Old Phone? Read This First. (Updated) Updated: Mar 10 I have been a long-time iPhone user (ever since the 3G came out) but have recently transitioned to the Google ecosystem for reasons I will post about in the future. After a long-running dispute over billing issues, I recently switched from AT&T to … [Read more...]

Last year, we traded in my husband's old Honda Pilot to our dealer as we were buying his new car. As our sales guy worked out the numbers for us, he told us to hang tight while "his guy" got him a price for the Honda. I figured they just had a set price of Kelly Blue Book or some dealer website that they would offer us. But no. He explained "his … [Read more...]

With all the Covid restrictions, Whitney and I have been doing a lot of running and playing tennis these past few months. I don't know if it's the increase in exercise or turning 40, but my shin splints and lower back have been giving me some pain. Dr. Scholl's has always been my go to for shoe inserts, but I mainly used them for my high heels. … [Read more...]

Looking for a gift for the creative kid in your life? Crayola has come up with a great new interactive gift box. Crayola Experience at Home – Holiday Passport Edition has three hours of exciting holiday crafts and souvenirs delivered right to your door. Crayola crayon characters take the kids on a journey around the world with videos … [Read more...]

One of my fav somewhat unknown stores that I love to introduce friends to is Altar'd State. I think they have some of the most beautiful clothing and home items that I have ever seen. The prices are great too.They've had some great deals this week with Cyber Week and they seem to be slashing prices even more and offering things like buy one … [Read more...]

Look, no bags! Last week, Courtney and I took a trip to our local big mall, King of Prussia. We did a little holiday shopping and had a nice lunch. We were also checking out a new service that's available in many malls around the country called DropIt. Gone are the days where you are carrying loads of bags through the mall with a service like … [Read more...]

Guys! We love Hulu and I've had it for awhile now and I couldn't live without it. I'd say I watch Hulu as much as I watch Netflix, if not more. Which is why I'm sharing this amazing deal: if you don't yet have Hulu, they have an amazing Black Friday deal - it's $1.99/a month if you sign up in the next few days. Get the Black Friday deal for Hulu … [Read more...]

Like everyone else, I binged the the Queen's Gambit on Netflix in just a few short days and absolutely loved it. I found myself thinking about the story for days after - I even tried to evoke a little Beth Harmon strategy in my tennis game for awhile after having watched.I remember my Dad teaching me how to play chess as a kid and I was thinking … [Read more...]

Over the years, I've checked out a couple of different meal planning & delivery services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I am not a good cook and I pretty much hate meal planning so I've always thought having one of these services would be good for us. None of them have stuck and after seeing Hungryroot ads pop up on my Facebook over the … [Read more...]

Full disclosure: this Passback football arrived in the mail, I opened it up and my first thought was, "what happened to this football?"I called Cole over and he immediately was like MOM. This is the coolest thing ever, how do you not know what this is for? And then he showed me how completely ingenious this football is. It's designed for tossing … [Read more...]