100 Last week, my youngest brought home a note informing us that 100 Days of Kindergarten was coming up later this month.  Wow!  It feels like just yesterday that I did this with his big brother.

Because to celebrate, he needs to bring in a posterboard with 100 of “something” on it.  With my oldest, I thought we were soooo clever.  We cut a posterboard to look like a cookie (we even cut out a bite) and then glued 100 chocolate chips on it.  In theory, it was a cute idea.  Only half the chips had fallen off on the bus by the time he got to school.  So my biggest piece of advice – use super glue or some awesome glue product that will ensure your 100 of something stays on the board!

We’re still deciding what to do but I crowd-sourced on Facebook and Pinterest for a few ideas and here are a bunch if you are still looking for your own child:

100 Legos in the shape of either 100 or the letters L-E-G-O (MamaLisa has a picture of one here)

100 Skittles shaped into a rainbow. (See below)


 100 Pom-Poms or circle stickers for “Gumballs.”  Draw a Gumball machine on the posterboard and put the gumballs inside of the glass top of the gumball machine.

100-Eyed Monster. Draw a creative monster on the posterboard and use 100 googly sticky eyes on his forehead!

100 Swedish Fish or Goldfish in an ocean.  Draw an ocean and glue the fish under the water!

100 Pieces of Pepperoni on a Pizza. (Draw a pizza and then get clever drawing or using red construction paper for the pepperoni or any topping of choice!)

A centipede with 100 legs or 100 of those circle pods to his body.

A tree with lots of branches and 100 finger prints from family members coming off the trees in various leaf colors. 100 leaves!  “Can you be-LEAF it’s been 100 days?”

100 Pennies in the shape of 1-0-0

Pieces of Bubble Gum.  And saw a cute note on a message board – someone titled it, “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?” And they had the gum in a dish shaped in the number 100!

100 Sprinkles on a Cupcake.  Draw a cupcake and use different mini colored pom-poms for the sprinkles.

100 Fruit Loops or other favorite kind of cereal.

100 Balloons.  Stickers or drawn.  I saw one clever kid used actual balloons that weren’t inflated with strings attached… the strings came out of the chimney of a house a la the Disney movie UP!

100 Crayons.

100 Stars in a night sky.  (Black posterboard, gold stars – easy!)

100 Seashells

100 Smarties with the tagline, “Learning is for Smarties.”

Got another idea?  Leave a comment below and share it with us!




  1. Great ideas. Our 100th day project is due right around Valentine’s day, so my little girl is going to collect 100 hearts (stickers, conversation candies, etc.) and glue them into one big heart.

  2. Our school has them bring in the items unattached so they can play with them all day. Aidan took in 100 LEGOs that were the same size.

  3. LOVE this post! This year we were going to do a black poster with a moon, and then do 100 star stickers.

  4. My son’s preK class celebrated last week, but he stayed home sick that day. I have been collecting ideas for years, because I teach elementary school. Some of my favorites have been fish tanks with fish stickers, gumball machines with dots, letters, anything that makes a picture. My least favorite are printouts of 100 of the same picture glued in a rectangle or anything with cereal that crumbles and falls off. For my son, I have thought about taking a picture of him every day of school leading up to 100 day (100 pictures), but I’ll have to figure out how to get those last few pictures on the poster at the last minute.

  5. We did 100 pebbles in the shape of the word “100 rocks”

  6. My oldest cut out 99 pictures of faces from magazines then glued a cheap mirror in the middle of a poster board as the 100th face. It was 100% his 5 yo noggin’s idea, and he was so proud :).

    My little guy is in first grade this year and is already kicking around a few ideas…one of them he shared w me is to take an ant farm with 100 ants :/= he’s *such* a farm boy! Another idea he has is a 100 piece puzzle with the pieces glued to a poster board. His thought process is that he will have a new puzzle once 100 Day is over :).

  7. My son loves diamonds, and gem looking beads. We are doing a big diamond ring with 100 glued beads in the stone setting.

  8. **He’s in Kindergarten.

  9. My son was just assigned this project for his kindergarten class. We have been going through a few ideas.. we want to make something that is realistic and 3-dimensional

    Some of the ideas we have are
    1. Cactus with 100 toothpicks
    2. Sunflower either 50 petals and 50 sunflower seeds or 100 of petals/seeds
    3. Pac-Man with all the characters and 100 dots chomping our way through 100
    4. Jellyfish with 100 tentacles
    5. Peacock/Bird with 100 feathers

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