Less than two weeks ’til Easter!  I went shopping for my boys yesterday and got a handful of fun items at the Dollar Store just to fill up.  We’re not big on candy in our house – they get a little every holiday but it generally sits and then gets dumped a few weeks later!  I’m all about finding cute and fun fillers to have them excited on Easter morning but something that’s a little more useful than just a bunch of sugar!

I’m going to do a couple of posts based on age but here’s a list of some cute ideas for the Preschooler/young elementary-aged child for their Easter basket this year.  And keep in mind you can get a ton of these things for affordable prices at your local dollar store!:

1. Sidewalk chalk
2. Glow stick
3. Jump rope
4. Balls
5. Bubbles
6. Coloring Books
7. Fun Crayons & Pens
8. Books
9. DVDs
10. Stuffed Animals
11. Seeds (to plant together in a garden!)
12. Cute pot for seeds to grow in the house
13. Bubble bath
14. Toy cars (Hot Wheels, etc.)
15. Toddler-friendly paint
16. Paintbrushes
17. Play-doh
18. Card games
19. Frisbee
20. Stickers
21. Silly Putty
22. Sand toys
23. Army men
24. Easter printables (printed out!)
26. Glow dough
27. Pocket Etch-A-Sketch
28. Wooly Willy (remember this from when we were kids?!)
29. Kaleidoscope
30. Yo-Yo
31. Barrel of monkeys
32. Pick Up Sticks
33. Slinky
34. Hair brush
35. Cute hair ties (for girls)
36. Hide ‘Em & Hatch ‘Em Eggs
37. Mad Libs
38. Bath toys
39. Fun bath towel
40. Swim goggles
41. Water squirter
42. Flip flops
43. Gift card
44. Flash light
45. Kite
46. Finger puppets
47. Tattoos
48. puzzle
49. Their favorite figure (Superman, Spiderman, Elsa & Anna…)
50. Fun kids toothbrush

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