amon I swore I wouldn’t tell a soul. Really. But, I’m letting the cat out and sharing because this has made such a difference. I’m wearing maternity underwear.

See, for my first two pregnancies I really didn’t think I needed them. But everything is so heavy this time around that the extra support added by wearing maternity is not just comfortable but absolutely necessary.

I received a bunch of samples from Amon Maternity and I have grown to love them so much that I’m doing my wash more often to make sure I always have a pair to wear. There are a few different styles and, as granny as they are, I really like wearing the skivvies and the briefs. All of their undies have enough flexibility and move, and they offer support in exactly the areas I need.

I’ve also tried Amon’s Be*loved Nursing Bra, which is often used as a sleep-nursing bra as well as for yoga and low-impact aerobics. I’ve found it to be very supportive without being restrictive–its not as confining as a usual sports bra, rather it allows for more movement and flexibility. And its really comfortable. Its not available on Amon’s Website, so you’ll need to follow the click-through (above) to purchase it at Baby Browns. Just note their sizing chart (below). 

Finally, the Amon Band is a different band than most of those I’ve reviewed in the past. The others have been more for fashion–for covering up muffin tops, open flies and plumbers cracks. Amon’s band is purely for support. For me, totally necessary.

Use code MWS for 10% off products available at the Amon Maternity  website.

Be*loved Nursing Bra sizing chart:

small: sizes 32B-D, 34A-C, 36A-B
medium: sizes 34D-G, 36C-DD, 38A-D, 40A-B
large: sizes 38DD-G, 40C-F, 42B-D
x-large: sizes 40G, 42DD-G


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  2. I love my Amon bodyshaper! Perfect after I had my baby and needed tummy support to not look pregnant anymore. Unfortunately Amon Maternity is no longer selling their stuff on their website. They recommend purchasing from Free shipping!

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  4. I loved wearing the Amon band during my pregnancy! Unfortunately Amon Maternity is no longer selling their stuff on their website. They recommend purchasing from Free shipping too.

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  6. How did you receive samples of the Amon underwear?

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