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Britax Frontier 85 & a Giveaway!

I’m always impressed with the safety lengths that Britax goes to with their car seats and their newest release – the updated Frontier 85 – is no exception. The Frontier 85 is a combination forward-facing, 5-point harness car seat from 25 up to 85 lbs. as well as a belt-positioning, high-back booster seat up to 120 lbs. This new Frontier 85 car seat includes the following updates:

  • 5-point harness weight limit increased from 80 to 85 lbs
  • harness height increased from 18″ to 20″
  • 2 additional harness height position for a total of 10
  • fixed cup holders and armrests
  • new fabrics
  • redesigned belt paths to make installation easier

While some parents are too eager to do away with the 5-point harness and move their kids into belt-positioning booster seats, the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission recommends:

Most toddlers and preschoolers (up to age 4) are not big enough or old enough for a belt-positioning booster seat. They need a full harness for upper body protection and to hold them in their seats. A full harness should be used as long as possible.” (

The Frontier 85 allows the longest use of the 5-point harness on the market and at 120 lbs, also offers one of the highest booster weight limits. Once your child hits the 2 yrs/25 lbs lower limit, the Frontier 85 could be the only car seat you ever buy again – welcomed news to parents who have bought 3 and 4 car seats to find the right fit, style and size for their growing kids.

Some of my favorite features on this seat include the no-re-threading harness, the easy installation (Britax has an incredibly clear and thorough manual), the dual cup holders, the subdued color schemes (which means older kids will be less likely to balk at sitting in one) and the plethora of safety features.

Safety Features

* True Side Impact Protection – Britax’s patented design that distributes the force of the crash, and protects the head, neck and body by keeping the body aligned to reduce injury

* EPS Foam Liner – absorbs and distributes the impact from a crash

* energy-absorbing base – helps to absorb the crash force

* Versa-Tether – anchors the back of the car seat at two different points, minimizing the forward movement of the seat in a collision

* HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard System) – prevents forward head movement in a crash

* simplified and secure installation with either the LATCH connectors or the color-coded vehicle belt guides

Comfort Features

* plush yet durable material and padding provide comfort and keep passenger cool

* easily adjust between 10 harness height positions with the no-re-threading harness

* 3 seat buckle positions to ensure a snug fit

* 2 built-in cup holders easily fit sippy cups, snack containers and 20-oz. water bottles

* built-in, fixed armrests

* soft shoulder and crotch pads

At 19.5″ wide, the seat isn’t especially narrow, but if you’re planning on using it up to 120 lbs, you need room for a growing child. Available in four colors – tan, pink, red and grey all with black accents – the Frontier 85 retails for about $250. But special for MWS readers….

WIN A BRITAX FRONTIER 85! Britax is generously giving away one of their new Frontier 85 seats in the color of your choice to one lucky MWS reader! How to enter: leave a comment here telling us where you’ll be traveling with your new Britax Frontier 85 this summer. Get an extra entry by friending MWS and Britax on Facebook (leave us another comment here telling us you did and we’ll follow up and double check).

U.S. or Canadian residents only. Only two possible entries per person. Entries must be received by Friday, May 25th at 11:59pm PST. One winner will be chosen at random to receive a Frontier 85 car seat in the color of their choice.

95 thoughts on “Britax Frontier 85 & a Giveaway!”

  1. Would LOVE to take the new Britax with us this summer on our road trips to Michigan and Rhode Island! I’m a huge Britax fan! Won’t buy any other car seat!

  2. This giveaway could not have come at a better time! Babes is just about ready to outgrow her infant seat, and we are going to North Carolina this summer for vacation!

    We have NO idea what to look for in the “next step” for car seat, but I’ve heard so much great stuff from Britax.

  3. My little girl is turning 1 next month and we will totally be traveling more to the zoo and our family farm. This would be awesome! Great Review!

  4. I’ve been looking for something to upgrade DS1 to soon, as DS2 will need his Roundabout this fall. We will be traveling quite frequently from Philadelphia to the Poconos and ‘down the shore’ this summer.

  5. britax is the best! no other carseat will do. my daughter would LOVE this seat on the way to branson, mo. she would be so happy in her frontier watching cartoons. 🙂

  6. I will be taking a cross-country road trip to see my in-laws and extended family in St. Louis, Missouri. Since we live in New Mexico, we don’t get back to see my son’s GiGi and Grandpa too often.

  7. Love our Britax Roundabout, but my daughter is about to outgrow it. We would love a Frontier 85 for trips to the CA Sierras, Arizona and Colorado. I also friended MWS and Britax on Facebook.

  8. My son and I will be traveling a lot this summer! We will be going to visit my parents in Missouri–my dad had a stroke recently and any time we can spend with him now is cherished! We also have tons of friends around Colorado that we are dying to visit and play with this summer, so there will be lots of day trips all around the state. We will head back to Missouri later this summer for my Grandmother’s 80th birthday and a mini-reunion of all the cousins and our children. Maybe a trip to Michigan in there as well…We would love to travel with the knowledge that our son is so secure and safe in this Britax Frontier.

  9. I will be traveling from here to there this summer. Probably nowhere important but I want my kids to be safe and we love Britax.

  10. planning on traveling from Virginia to Western Tip of Texas/El Paso area at the end of the summer and a new seat will be sooo welcomed!

  11. We’d just be traveling about locally. This would be for my mother, who ferries around my 2-year-old nephew and currently has a very old seat that’s hard to buckle. So she probably wouldn’t be going that far away with her nephew. To the playground and the store and maybe the carnival. 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. My daughter is just about to outgrow her Roundabout so this would be perfect timing for our family!! We plan on traveling to “up north” Michigan…no where far as my husband just had surgery & can’t travel yet. But, we love Britax seats & this would be so wonderful to win!

    I “like” Britax & MWS on facebook as well!

  13. We’ll be going to Grandma’s house and the zoo! Maybe next year to Disneyland!

    I was looking at the exact booster seat for my girls, who are ready to graduate from their Britax Roundabouts.

  14. Our family travels a lot since all of our family is out of town. This summer we will be going to Big Bear, North County San Diego and into the heart of San Diego. Our kids would love to use this seat!

  15. We are excitedly looking forward to using a Frontier 85 during our travels this summer! Going to Utah, San Diego, SLO, and weekenders elsewhere around the state. Also friended on FB!

  16. My daughter is still currently in here Britax Roundabout, but would be so excited to graduate to the Britax Frontier 85! Being a teacher and having summers off, we’re planning lots of little road trips all over California together!

  17. We are heading to the beach next month and having a baby shortly thereafter – I’m sure my little girl would love a new comfy ride, and another car seat would definitely come in handy! =)

  18. I am a HUGE Britax fan — all three of my daughters used (or are using!) only Britax car seats from infant all the way to big-kid. 🙂

    We’re traveling to the each coast this summer.

  19. I have a 3 year old and a three month old, so very shortly we will have to have 2 full size car seats. We will be off to Florida this summer if the coast stays clear of oil!

  20. I would love this new Britax for the traveling we will be doing this summer to the lake and many trips to see the grandparents!

  21. I would be traveling all over the place this Summer with my Britax Frontier 85! We are taking a road trip to Thunder Bay and Ottawa so this would be awesome!

  22. I would love to take my granddaughter to the beach in this carseat! She would fall in love with the pink one!

  23. We’ll be traveling to our favorite beach- Ocean City, MD this summer, and also a trip to our local Yogi Bear campground! This would be great for my BIG kid who will be starting kindergarten!

  24. We’ll be taking a road trip to Oregon to see Klamath Falls and Crater Lake this summer, as well as several day trips to visit the zoo, museums, family and friends.

  25. Never had a Britax and would LOVE to win one! Heard/read lots of great reviews! My family will be traveling to the beach frequently this year. We live about 2 hours from the gulf. Thanks and I hope I win!!!!!!

  26. We would be taking it to Niagra Falls and then it would be going to Toronto!! I have a feeling it would get a lot of use 🙂

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