Colleen and I with our kids at the Spring Into Summer Mom Mixer with Lands End

Yesterday was a full day for me; I was in in Center City Philadelphia co-hosting Mom Mixer.  This is our second Mom Mixer event at the Hyatt at the Bellevue.  And again, I have to reiterate how it really does take a family of people to support one of these events.

So before I really dive in with sharing photos and details about everything from the Mixer, I just wanted to share how I’m so very thankful for the people who supported us and made it happen.  Namely: our kids (who do everything from stuffing bags to schlepping brand signage around) to husbands who lug bags & run to Staples for emergency projectors to family to bloggers & friends who tweet and support us — I’m just feeling really grateful and appreciative tonight.

Also to our amazing brands!  I love when a brand really gets it.  They want to work with Mom bloggers, they want to engage, they know that meeting them in person is an ideal way to get that relationship established.  I’m so very thankful to them too.  For working with us, and for being fabulous women and brands to work with.  And I just adore being able to bring these brands to Philadelphia – OUR CITY – to show them how totally rockin’ our Mom bloggers are and how we’re so fantabulous to work with!

Because she’s so on-the-ball, Colleen has already put together this great recap video so you can see a little bit about the event!


  1. Looks like such a fun, fun event! Congrats to Whitney and Colleen for coordinating it all-not an easy task for sure- but you did it with such grace and aplomb! All seemed to enjoy the day and have a good time-Kudos to you both.

  2. You and Colleen are amazing!!!! What a great mixer you organized and with great brands represented!!!!

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