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Cool Geeky Stuff from Subscription Based Service Geek Fuel

Love me some monthly subscription boxes. We’re regulars of Bark Box for the pup and I’ve tried a few others along the way.

There’s just something fun about the unknown showing up on your doorstep.

So I was perusing Groupon one day and shopping for nothing in particular (which is always dangerous) when I found a deal to try out a one month box from subscription-based service Geek Fuel. I hadn’t heard of it before but my ears perked up at Monthly Mystery Box for Geeks.

Groupon had this as a one-box offer for $20 and listed it as normally being $75 which I don’t quite understand because I don’t see that price anywhere on Geek Fuel’s site but anyhoo. More on that later.

I decided what the heck and purchased one. I did have to pay another $6 on the GeekFuel site for shipping but it still seemed like a good deal.

Here’s the unboxing:

These products above were inside. I vaguely remember specifying shirt size when I filled out the form to receive my box and I had picked an Adult S for Nate so the T-shirt immediately became his, which was great because he currently has a big obsession going over Captain America and anything Marvel.

There was also a hardcover comic book series, a mini figure to build out of Pixel bricks and a Vinyl figure from DC Comics. We got this dude below, not sure who he is but my boys seemed to be excited about him:

What I failed to snap a picture of because I didn’t realize it was something until thankfully, I noticed it before throwing out, was a small pamphlet with a game code for a free download. It was for a game off Steam that normally has a $10 value. {Dinocide} It looks like a game my boys will enjoy so I’m excited to show them it once they come home.

Final thoughts – it was cool to receive and a lot of fun to open. Worth $26? Yes. Worth $75 if that’s what this really goes for? Ehhhh I don’t think so. The value may be there but no one was through the moon with anything we received. But that’s what it’s all about right? Sometimes you get a cool box and discover something new, sometimes you don’t.

Here’s a little snapshot of what you are guaranteed with your box each month:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.07.18 AM

And like I said, I don’t see ANYWHERE on the Geek Fuel website where it’s listed as $75. This is the breakdown in the pricing if you want to do a monthly service. I may hold off on this until someone’s birthday and then sign them up because, well, it’s just cool and these prices are a lot easier to swallow:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.10.39 AM
Which actually means I paid MORE on Groupon that I would have on the site. So if you want to check it out and do a month, sign up directly on Geek Fuel! Let me know what you think. I’ll probably be adding this to my boys’ Christmas list if I don’t get it for their birthdays sooner.

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