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Disneynature releases first DVD: Earth

earth_09 Earth is the first film from new organization Disneynature – an independent Disney label looking to bring enviroment-related movies to the theater. James Earl Jones narrates the US-release (Patrick Stewart does the British one) and you’ll recognize scenes from the BBC and Discovery Channel’s television show, Planet Earth.

It’s listed at ages 5 plus, and I have to say my 5 1/2 year old is going ga-ga over this movie, we’ve already watched it several times. The film follows several animal families: polar bears, African elephants and Humpback whales. While the movie itself isn’t too graphic, there are definitely some “harsh reality” scenes that made me consider turning it off a few times. In the end, we went with it asI figured this is reality and the circle of life and I have no need to shielf my children from the honest truth of that, such as it is. But I will say it’s definitelyamovieto watch with the kids in case they have questions.It’s rated G.

If you’re a fan of Planet Earth, you’ll enjoy Disneynature’s Earth. It’s nothing “new” but it’s a 90-minute kid-version that’s great for kids who are interested in nature. It’s brand new having released on September 1st. Also be sure to check out the Blu-ray combo pack: for a couple bucks more, you get a copy of the movie on both Blu-ray and DVD.

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