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Exfoliate While You Shave with Gillette Venus (Plus, $3 Off Coupon!) #BestofBeauty


Time is a precious commodity in my life these days.  I’m hard pressed to find any time to beautify myself as I’m always running – to the bus stop, to a sports event, to school, to finish the laundry, to ____ {insert another task in the day of our crazy Mom lives}.

Not even kidding you guys, I had to set aside time the other day to pluck my eyebrows.  Like on my list, “pluck eyebrows.”

It’s comical, right?   This lack of time is why I’m all about the all-in-one product that does a bunch of things at once.

Love this razor from Gillette because it multi-tasks.  The Gillette Venus & Olay Exfoliating Razor (on sale for $10.49 on, comes with 5 blades) is not just a razor.  The razors themselves exfoliate as you shave, and then you have the added bonus of the Olay Moisture Bars that help moisturize as you are shaving.

I seriously can’t use any other razor now as I love the moisturizing and exfoliating while I get it all done!

Get the Gillette Venus & Olay Exfoliating Razor for $10.49 on plus there’s a $3 off coupon right now!  Be sure to click the button that reads Online Coupon: Click & save an extra $3 on select Venus to receive the $3 in your shopping cart.

2 thoughts on “Exfoliate While You Shave with Gillette Venus (Plus, $3 Off Coupon!) #BestofBeauty”

  1. Anything to save time- sounds like a good deal to me. Will definitely try this. thanks for the great suggestion.

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