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Expanding Balloons: DIY Craft for Science-Loving Kids {with Video}

On a recent vacation, the resort we were staying at offered this cool mini-science session for kids in their clubhouse. It was the easiest little DIY home science project that’s safe and fun for kids and I quickly snapped some photos and took notes because I knew it was one I had to share with you guys.

Expanding Balloons: DIY Craft for Science-Loving Kids

You will need:

-Empty water bottle
-White vinegar
-Mid-sized balloon
-One square of toliet paper
-Baking soda

1. Fill the water bottle about 1/5 of the way with white wine vinegar.

2. Put a tablespoon or so of baking soda onto the square of toliet paper.

3. Wad up the toliet paper and put it into the water bottle with the white vinegar.

4. Quickly (because you will see that it’s starting to foam up!) put the balloon onto the open top of the water bottle and watch as it blows up!






Here’s a video of the whole process going down:

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