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Fashion Friday: My New Favorite Jewelry — Magnabilities

One of the many things I love about the beach is the shopping. Where we go on Long Beach Island (in New Jersey), there’s a plethora of adorable boutiques and stores that I look forward to shopping each year. It’s at several of these stores that I get half of my fall wardrobe. I just love that the things I bring home from these independently owned boutiques won’t be something everyone else on my block is wearing.

My latest find this past trip was a necklace from Magnabilities. For the indecisive woman in me, this jewelry piece is perfect.

You see, you chance up your look with Magnabilities. You purchase one pendant and then you purchase your magnetic inserts to fit into the pendant. These round discs are magnets that latch onto the necklace. Each insert is $5 so it makes it super-affordable to mix and match different looks depending on your style that day!

I was pleased to see that Amazon carries them.  You need to purchase a necklace (around $7 on Amazon), the pendant ($20 on Amazon) and then as many inserts as you want. ($5 each)  This is a great gift too!  I’ve already received many compliments on mine.

Check out Magnabilities on Amazon.  I’m going to go order myself some more inserts!

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: My New Favorite Jewelry — Magnabilities”

  1. Oh! i just heard about these, so your review is timely. . wish I had thought of this superb idea- what a wonderful concept- creative, fun, very affordable. .pretty neat.

  2. Magnabilities is just beginning to launch their direct sales division of the company. If you are interested in more information about joining us, or simply checking out the product and getting some pieces of your own, check out my website. This product is so versatile, and adorable! Great for all ages!

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