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Fun for Halloween: Buzzerks Glasses from Insect Lore (Plus Giveaway)

Pretending to be bugs while wearing the FireAnt & Mantis Buzzerks

So my kids have been running around the house all week wearing their Buzzerks glasses from Insect Lore.  We received one pair of each – a Mantis, Hornet and FireAnt.  My kids quickly determined which belonged to which kid (the third pair, the Hornet was too tight for their heads – my kids have big heads) and they’ve been off and running with them ever since.

These glasses give children a bugs eye view of the world.  Use the “bug eye lense” inside of the glasses to see the world as a bug does or not.  My kids have been doing both – the bug eye lenses can fold back to make these just regular glasses as well. They’re $9.99 each and 6+ (although they are just fine for my almost 4 year old to use).  Get them on the Insect Lore website.

Giveaway:  Insect Lore will send ONE winner one set of Buzzerks (one in each insect) for the winner and one set for the winner’s teacher, for a total of 6 pieces.  (retail value $59.94). Winners must be residents of the United States. How fun is that?  3 for your kids and 3 for your child’s classroom.  Just comment to enter – which pair do you like the most?   One winner will be selected at random after October 27th. Extra Entries:  Tweet about this giveaway.  Suggested tweet:  I just entered to win 6 pairs of @insectlore bug glasses @mommieswstyle

50 thoughts on “Fun for Halloween: Buzzerks Glasses from Insect Lore (Plus Giveaway)”

  1. Omg how cute!! My 3 boys would love these! My fave is the mangos, but the hornet is my 5yo Max’s favorite…though he’s got a big head so that may not work for him lol.

  2. These are so cool. Our fav is the fire ant . This would be so perfect to win the class my son is in is studying insects. Each month they do a new one for science. The kids would really enjoy seeing life like a bug does!

  3. the MANTIS, for sure!!!! how awesome – and my kids love praying mantises (ever since my husband hatched several hundred praying mantis eggs in our kitchen :0 )

  4. OK… bug geek here. I doubt you really see how a bug sees with these. (What a bug sees is more like an impressionist painting…)

    That said, I have three boys who would love these. (And my oldest’s teacher would flip for them, too!)

  5. Really, just ewww! But my boys would think these are so great! I can’t imagine what a hit we would be giving them to my son’s kindergarten classroom, too!

  6. These look so cool – what kid wouldn’t love these! I’d love to be able to give something to my daughter’s kindergarten class.

  7. I like the mantis. I think my boys would love this, they are always pretending to be some kind of animal, now they could be bugs.

  8. I love the Hornet ones…I know my son will love them all! His classroom will love them also…My son’s class has an area where the kids can dress up in different outfits such as dogs, cats, elephants, ect. These will be a great addition to that area!

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