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Kelly Hughes Personalized Platter: My plan-ahead Hostess Gift this holiday season

khbb Before I start my real holiday shopping, I like to think ahead to any hostess gifts we’ll be needing over the holidays. And, don’t tell, but I usually buy those as well as gifts for my grandparents and other family in one giant swoop. Its a big check off my list and there’s not rush out the door 15 minutes before the party to grab something at a nearby shop, making us 20 minutes late with a not-so-nicely-wrapped gift.

So, this year I’m totally eyeing up these platters by Kelly Hughes. I was sent a sample of the personalized melamine tray.And its beena great, casual look that I can pull out quickly when unexpected guests stop by. It dresses up my spread and makes it look like I’m always prepared for company. (yeah. right.)

I’m attempting to list out all the people I’ll gift these trays to this winter. Loving the Christmas tray and this blue one will totally work for Chanukkah for the families that host holiday parties, but also eyeing funtraysfor families with beach houses and party patios.

Thanks to Kelly Hughes Designs and Bailey Bea for supplying the sample for review. Use coupon code MWS2009 for 20% off your order.

3 thoughts on “Kelly Hughes Personalized Platter: My plan-ahead Hostess Gift this holiday season”

  1. What a lovely find! I am ordering a slew of these tomorrow as teacher, hostess and thank-you gifts. . . as soon as I can make some design decisions. All giddy that I’ll be prepared in advance this year 🙂 Thanks!

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