Kid Review: Spring is Coming! Sidewalk Chalk Time!

It has been so cold here in Pennsylvania, but it is starting to feel a little bit like spring. My brother and I have been waiting to get outside and play on a nice, sunny day! So when that finally happened, we got out our new Crayola Sidewalk Chalk and got creative! The Chalk now come in some awesome varieties like Neon, Glitter and Tie-Dye. The colors are so bright and fun! I love the blue neon and blue glitter ones the best because they are so pretty and my favorite color!

Then we remembered that we had some new TWEE sidewalk chalk that we wanted to try out. WOW! These are just so cool!! They come unique designs like donuts, sushi, pizza, cupcakes, and planets. We tried out the unicorn ones. They come is different colors like pink and blue with sparkles in it. They are almost to pretty to use… ALMOST! They are way more fun to play with then to look at! The thing I love about this chalk is that it is HAND MADE right here in Philadelphia!


I am so excited the weather is getting warmer and we can get outside more! Im looking forward to drawing lots of pictures on our driveway with all this awesome chalk!

You can find Crayola Chalk on and Twee is sold on their website at

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