I have a headache the size of California and a completely messy house that I can’t seem to motivate to get up to clean but it was worth it for the day I had up in Manhattan earlier today.  I was up in New York taping an episode for Emeril’s new tv show, Emeril’s Table, set to debut on the Hallmark Channel in the fall.  I had a fab time with some close Mom blogger friends.

He was awesome — the show and experience was amazing.  The food he cooked – two different types of chicken dishes — was literally some of the best chicken I’ve ever eaten.  One was Chicken cooked in a Tangine with onions, saffron, preserved lemons, lemon zest and olives.  The other was a stuffed chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto.  More photos soon!

In the meantime, Colleen whipped up this totally great video of us all backstage – check it out!:


  1. Stacey S says

    How cool! What an amazing experience for you. Congratulations and wishing you continued success!!!!!!!

  2. Mom/MomMom says

    What a thrill-you ladies all look like you had a grand time. . . looking forward to seeing the taping!. . ps: you have the chicken recipes? sound delish. . .

  3. How exciting!!!! Would love the recipes!!!!! Bet Emeril was a lot of fun!!!!
    Great photo of Emeril surrounded by some gorgeous mommies!!!!
    Also loved the video!!!!!

  4. Didn’t get the recipes yet Mom – I wish! They both weren’t too hard either! Wondering if they won’t be posted until the fall? Will post them if I find them!

  5. How exciting for you all! I am a big Emeril fan; he is a great chef and seems to be such a wonderful guy, as well! Glad you all got this opportunity!

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