Thinking about having a baby?  Know someone who is expecting?  Already pregnant?  Whether you’re shopping for a gift or just for yourself.  Here is my list of the top 7 items that have kept me happy (and sane) these past 8 months of pregnancy. 

Number 1: Maternity Pillows  selectcomfort

I can’t imagine these past few months (and the next one) without my Select Comfort Maternity Pillow.  About the middle of my second trimester I began to wake up with a sore back and realized that I needed some extra support.  I tried sleeping with a throw pillow between my knees, propping an extra pillow under my head and building a pillow blockade to keep me from rolling over onto my back.  None of these seemed to do the trick.  It wasn’t until I received Select Comfort’s pillow that I began to sleep soundly again.  The pillow is really two pillows in one.  A pillow to support your back and one to rest your ever-expanding belly are connected by an adjustable velcro pad in the middle.  It folds in half and has little cloth handles for travel.  And believe me, this pillow has gone with me anytime I was planning to sleep away from home.  The pillow is currently on sale for $29.99 on Select Comfort’s website, but hurry – the sale ends at the end of January!

Number 2: Leggings

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be pregnant at a time when leggings are in fashion!  To me, they are the most comfortable thing to put on besides sweatpants, and I’m even able to dress them up to wear them to work.  The best part is that you don’t even have to buy maternity leggings – since they’re stretchy you just have to go up a size. 

Number 3: Organic Body Products  aquatica

Even before becoming pregnant I dabbled in natural and organic body products.  But from the moment my pregnancy test turned positive, I tossed all the old face wash, lotions and body wash and replaced them with products that I knew were safe for both me and my baby.  I figure that I’m exposed to so many chemicals and pollutants from everyday life, that the least I should do is try to reduce any additional contaminants I put in my body when I actually have control of it.  Sweetsation Therapy has a wonderful line of organic body products.  Two that I’ve been using throughout my pregnancy are the Aqua*Tica Organic Botanical Night Cream and Q*Lumiere Organic Day Creme with Cucumber and Co Q10.  Both of these pregnancy-safe skin treatments not only prevent wrinkles, but also treat skin discoloration that often occurs during pregnancy.  The ingredients list on both of these products is full of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and plant extracts.  They smell fresh and they’ve certainly done a fine job of replacing all the face lotions I used pre-pregnancy.  Sweetsation Therapy has a wide range of organic and natural products on their site for everyday use, pregnancy and even for babies.  Use coupon code Mommies with Style at checkout to receive 20% off of your purchase.

Number 4: Water Bottle

For someone who’s never really thirsty, the amount of water you need to drink while pregnant is staggering.  I quickly learned that if it wasn’t in front of me at all times, I was definitely not drinking enough.  Very early in my pregnancy I purchased a 750ml, BPA-free water bottle that has been filled with water and hasn’t left my side since.  It’s kind of like a baby bottle for pregnant women, though it’s certainly kept me from getting in trouble with my doctor!

Number 5: Layering Tees  lovemybelly2

Pregnancy and layers just go hand in hand.  I could be overheating and sweating while my husband’s teeth are chattering in the car.  It’s the complete opposite of my life for the past 30 years, but it’s something I’ve learned how to overcome…it’s called layers.  It’s not very often these days that I leave the house (or my room for that matter) without at least one or two layers of clothing that I’m able to take off througout the day.  Between my tank tops and long cardigans, I’m usually wearing a long-sleeved tee.  One of my favorites is one I received from Love My Belly.  They are an online maternity clothing shop specializing in tees, though they also sell dresses, bottoms, and baby clothes.  My double-sleeve tee is a short sleeved black t-shirt with longer, patterned sleeves sewn into it.  It’s perfect with a pair of jeans or leggings to be casual or paired with a long skirt and short-sleeved cardigan for work.  And it’s extremely comfortable.  Place an order on the Love My Belly site with coupon code MWS20 and receive 20% off.

Number 6: Yoga DVD  yoga

Now I have to be completely honest – I haven’t used my Pregnancy Yoga DVD much.  However, just the knowledge that I have it and that it’s ready for me whenever I have the motivation to actually use it keeps me feeling pretty good.  Pre-pregnancy I was all about working out and going to the gym.  Staying active and fit was pretty important.  There’s just something about being pregnant that takes that drive out of you, but that’s where a good yoga DVD can come into play.  I received a Yoga 4 Pregnancy DVD led by Brenda Strong of Desperate Houswives.  It’s a great workout for all three trimesters.  She even gives some great labor techniques that you can do with your partner.  The exercises aren’t too challenging and I’m sure they will certainly help during labor.  So if you’re expecting or may be in the near future, it’s definitely something to have on hand….just in case!  You can purchase the DVD for $24.95 from the Yoga 4 Fertility website.

Number 7: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!  earrings

I’ve always loved adding accessories to any outfit, though since I’ve been pregnant I’ve learned the value of doing so.  All it takes is a coordinating scarf, a chunky bracelet, or some big earrings to take the focus off of an ever-expanding baby bump.  Plus, with all the stretchy cotton pieces you’re likely to wear while pregnant, some fun accessories can help to make any outfit a little bit more exciting.  Twister Silver has some stunning jewelry that will liven up any outfit.  Despite the name, they have more than just silver and the styles range from delicate to showstoppers and from classy to bohemian.  Their prices are extremely reasonable and the pieces are definitely unique to anything you’d see in a department store.  I have a pair of their Glacier Earrings with a Victorian design and dangling Swarovski crystals.  They’re definitely stunning.  Check out all Twisted Silver has to offer on their site.  Their jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any woman, expecting or not!

Samples of some of the above products were provided for review on MWS.


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  13. The Maternity Pillows look really comfy! I have one that is design specifically for maternity, and it’s just a simple wedge. I have lots of other ones in random shapes – a cylinder, and squares and rectangles of various sizes – that I place around me. They’re ok but they don’t stop me from sleeping on my back. I wake up on my back pretty frequently.

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