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New Snack Fav in Our House: Balance Bar & #Giveaway 4 Walmart Gift Card & Balance Bars

Back in July sometime, I got a note about doing a campaign with Balance Bar and Walmart. I said yes because I’m always up for trying a new energy bar and then promptly forgot about it until earlier this week. I realized I hadn’t checked it out yet so I sent hubby over to Walmart to pick us up a couple of boxes of Balance Bars and see what we thought.

I wasn’t expecting too much. I’m going to be honest, I’ve been married to eating a Lemon Luna Bar for breakfast for the past 5 or so years of my life.
Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.42.21 AM

So hubby brought home a few flavors and they sat for a few days. But then my 7-year-old decided he wanted to try the Cookie Dough Balance Bar. Within a day, the box was gone and he is asking for more as his daily snack that he takes into school for his mid-morning snack in second grade. I love that he loves it because the Balance Bar is not only an energy bar but it’s a great nutrition bar. Balance Bars are made with the 40-30-30 Nutrition rule in mind which means it’s 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. It’s full of all sorts of nutrients that are good for anyone.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.43.47 AM

My favorite? The Peanut Butter. OMG People. So I have mentioned how I’ve been on a mission to eat healthier and I’ve been counting my calories. Well one night last week we were racing around and I realized after I had put the kids to bed that I hadn’t eaten dinner!  I didn’t want to eat a full meal so I had one of these.  It was SO filling.  And delicious.  And only 200 calories but I figured it gave me enough protein and a boost to get through my gym class the next morning.

We have some other flavors to try but I’m excited to have a new healthy snack to have in the house.  And bonus?  They are super affordable at Walmart!  You can buy a box of 6 Balance bars for $5.36 online at or at your local Walmart.

Giveaway:  I have a small giveaway for you guys to go along with this one!  Comment below – have you ever tried a Balance Bar?  What’s your fav if you have tried one?  One lucky winner will receive a $10 Walmart gift card and a variety pack of Balance Bars.

31 thoughts on “New Snack Fav in Our House: Balance Bar & #Giveaway 4 Walmart Gift Card & Balance Bars”

  1. My son LOVES the Smores flavor and I am partial to the Caramel Nut Gold. These bars are fantabulous. We would love to try some other flavors…this Cookie Dough one sounds delicioso!

  2. I have never tried these before. It sure looks good. I would love to try these to see if it helps me keep up my energy int he morning.

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