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Paddleboarding in the Adirondacks: A Blast for the Whole Fam!

We’ve officially embraced the paddleboarding craze after a weekend up in the Adirondacks.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had purchased a paddleboard after getting into it at the beach last year.  This year we got a chance to try it out for ourselves and the whole fam had a blast.

Def a bit of a learning curve (pict snapped all of 4 seconds before they both fell off):


Seemed to work a little better with only one person on the paddle board as the key is balance and you can control the balance on the board better when it’s only yourself!

Knees first:


Getting up slowly:


And up!  Nate was definitely a pro after only one time trying.  It took me a few times to really get it – partly because I think I have terrible balance but I also think it’s maybe an easier learning curve for kids as they have a lower center of gravity so it’s a bit easier to manage.


I’d love to buy one but they are crazy expensive, averaging around $1000. has a nice collection of Paddleboards for anywhere from $999.95-$1295.00.  For now, we’ll be renting and hopefully hanging with hubby’s sister so we can make use of theirs until we commit!  But all in all, such a fun sport and after awhile it was definitely a workout for both uppwer and lower body!

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