One of my staple recipes that I make on a regular basis is this Mediterranean Chicken that I posted about two years ago. It’s easy and awesome. It works with pretty much any veggies that are good roasted but the icing on the cake for me is the fresh mozzarella balls in the end.

But right now I’m on a paleo food challenge called the Whole30 (more on that later this week!) but I realized that this dish was already pretty Whole30 friendly! I made this last week – a slight variation. I also used chicken thighs instead of breasts this time.

Chicken Thighs w/Artichokes & Chicken


Chicken Thighs
Can of Artichokes
Shallot, sliced
Tomato, cut up
Fresh ground pepper
Sea salt
Top off with some fresh lemon squeeze & lemons!


Thighs or breasts, you choose. I clean the fat off and layer them on the bottom and then pile the veggies on. This time around, I did shallots, tomatoes and assorted olives.

375 for about a half an hour. Test the chicken – thicker chicken breasts may need up to 45 but my thighs were perfectly done in a half hour. Delish! It made great leftovers the next day too.



  1. Love this recipe. Sometimes I add Cannellini Beans and sometimes I leave the chicken out!!. Hot or cold. delicious!!!

    • Yes! They are yummy. My old version had Cannelloni Beans & Mozzarella balls in it but that’s not Whole30 compliant so I substituted for some foods that would work with my diet.


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