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Shark Products for the Shark-Obsessed Boy

It will be no surprise if my 7-year-old turns out to be a marine biologist someday.  I know that phases pass but my own dear husband has always been obsessed with marine life and Nate is following in his footsteps these days.

He can’t get enough of watching NatGeoWild and Animal Planet and especially loves anything having to do with the ocean and sharks.  We’ve gathered quite the collection of shark products over the past year and for those of you out there with boys who live and breath for learning about sharks, I thought I’d put together a little  shark-related product list.  If you know of another great program, book or product, don’t be shy – leave me a comment!

For Preschoolers: I’m a Shark book by Bob Shea. We first heard this one this summer at a storytime at the beach.  A completely adorable story about a great white shark who is scared of spiders.  Wonderful illustrations and fun for preschool storytime.  $11.55 with free shipping on Amazon.

For Early Readers: National Geographic’s Sharks!  Level Two Reading.  Educational and factual about different kinds of sharks.  $3.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

For preschool & elementary school aged kids: Animal Planet Shark Attack Playset.  Santa brought this one for my 4-year-old, seeing as he loves anything his big brother loves.  I thought this playset was a great price for what it comes with and it’s seen many hours of play in our house.  $11.99 at Toys R Us or $11.55 with free shipping on Amazon.

For the older child: Discovery Channel’s DVD “Shark Week: the Great Bites Collection”.  We let Nate (7) watch Shark Week.  It can be graphic so use digression when showing this to your child.  But each year the Discovery Channel hosts Shark Week where they have various shows that are shark-themed.

We look forward to it each year and watch reruns all throughout the year.  It’s educational but graphic for sure.  Get the DVD collection on the Discovery Store website for $19.99.

For all kids: trendy & awesome shark clothes at 77kids.  On a recent trip to my local 77kids, I was impressed with the style and fun designs they offered for boys clothes.

I ended up going home with several shark-themed tees, much to the happiness of both of my boys.  Check out your local 77kids or view their collection of shark clothes online.

7 thoughts on “Shark Products for the Shark-Obsessed Boy”

  1. I certainly can’t blame that shark for being afraid of spiders. . . . . unless the spider’s name is Charlotte. .. . LOL!

  2. Thank you so much for the info. It seems my 7 yr old boy is also obsessed with sharks. I stumbled upon your site while searching for shark bedroom decor since he now wants his room themed in all sharks. Im not having much luck with bedding. I think I might search shark fabric next and maybe have his great grandmother quilt him something for the bed.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Its great your kids enjoy marine life and sharks. If I could add, it may be useful to be selective or even research some more appropriate outlets for your kids to learn about sharks. Shark Week and many other books (even down to the toy you show above) depict sharks in a very negative way that true marine biologist try to battle from being shown in the media. If your kids are very interested direct them to locations that have current research on sharks or what is being done to save sharks rather then how many humans sharks have attacked or how dangerous they are. Just a suggestion- after all more people get struck by lightening a year then bitten by a shark! Hope this helps!

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