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So much to do before the baby is due!

style2.JPGWhen I became pregnant the first time around, my good friend bought me these adorable note pads that said “We’re expecting – so much to do!” I thought these note pads, which had several lines on each page, were such a cute idea to keep track of my never-ending lists that I create! I was thrilled to receive them and thought what a nice gift to give to a friend that was newly expecting. So when a close friend of mine became pregnant, I started searching to find these note pads. Although I couldn’t find the exact same ones, I did find some fabulous comparable options. I came across a line of stationary called Bonnie’s Style Press which has an adorable line of stationary and the note pads I had been searching for. They have an adorable collection called “Expecting In Style,” which feature some great stationary items for the Mom-to-be. My favorite item is the note pads which include: my new “little black dress”, So much to do before the baby is due, ____ weeks and counting, A mother’s work is never done, and Daddy’s “to do” list. They come with 50 sheets, feature a magnet on the back, and come wrapped in cellophane with a pink, grosgrain bow around it. I think they are very reasonably priced as a nice gift for the newly expecting Mommy. I was thrilled to find these this time around, because my lists are still going on and on and on……

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