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Stitch Fix Box #2 {with Video} #FashionFriday


Box number 2 from Stitch Fix! I went with a video this time. It’s kind of long. Clearly I need to get working not only on my video skills but my STOP TALKING skills. I start showing the pieces towards the end of four minutes if you want to go directly there – the first few minutes I am explaining Stitch Fix and how the service works, so if you haven’t heard of it, check it out from the beginning!

After the video, you can see where I shared my looks.

#1. So here is one of my favorites, the Arcade Dot Print Chambray Top from Pomelo. Here’s the card on how to style it, and then me wearing it:



Note that I’m wearing #2, Vinney Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jeans from Liverpool. I wasn’t totally 100% on these, I don’t think they look so flattering on me but that also could be the 4 lbs I’ve put on from Easter candy:

And then here’s both pieces up a little closer:


#3 is this Ritz Mixed Pattern Front Pocket Knit Shirt from Ezra:20140501-133321.jpg



Lastly, #4 is this Callafia Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress from 41Hawthorn. It’s really cute! Just still not sure since I bought an almostidentical one to wear last weekend at Mom Mixer (just with long sleeves):
My fifth piece was the Infinity scarf that you can see in the video. It’s super cute!

Still deciding what to keep but I’m already scheduling my thirdStitch Fix!

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