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Cute & Stylish!: Martha Stewart’s Home Office Line @Staples

Remember when everything in an office was gray file cabinets and puke-yellow colored manila†envelopes? †We can look back at those as the Dark Ages of ugly offices and happily decorate and organize today’s office with pretty and functional office products like those from Martha Stewart’s Office Line at Staples! People, this stuff is cuuuuuuuuute! †It …

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Holiday 2011 On The Go Parents

Staples As Your One Stop Tech Shop for Holiday Gifts

Earlier this month, I blogged about going holiday shopping at Staples. †I talked about how traditionally, I had only really thought of Staples as an office supply store. †It’s really evolved into so much more. One of the product†categories†that they’ve become a superstore for is anything tech-related. †I was in my local store today and …

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