While I’ve seen Tegu Blocks around the web for a few years now, I had never seen a set in person.  I thought they were your ordinary set of cool, eco-friendly blocks.

These blocks are cool and they are eco-friendly but they are also magnetic and completely addicting.  I received a sample of the Pocket Pouch Tegu Blocks in the mail and I have not been able to put these little blocks of wood down since.  I had planned on keeping these for my kids but seriously may covet them for myself.  It’s like the squishy ball you have on your desk in the office – just something I can’t help but hold.

Of course I will eventually share with my kids.  Really.  And I know they will love them.

Some other cool things about Tegu Blocks – they are made out of Honduran Wood and they are completely eco-friendly.  They’re a bit pricey to be sure, but this is a timeless toy that will last a lot longer than a passing plastic toy.

You can buy various sets of Tegu Blocks on Amazon.


  1. I fully agree. When I reviewed them (for my former job) I whacked them with a hammer on the sidewalk. The magnets still didn’t come out! Tegu blocks rock.

  2. Kristen – yeah they are great. I don’t even know where the magnets could come out. I suppose the wood would have to shatter? They are in there pretty good!

    Wanted to update/comment too that we took these to Mass today (I finally shared) for my younger one and they were great to have as they are a quiet…

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