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This is Truly Some Cool Internet Mojo: #VeronicaMars Movie

A couple of years ago, I got sucked into watching the show Veronica Mars streaming on Netflix.  It had already been cancelled and I started lamenting watching the last ep by the end of first hour I watched!  (I even found a way to turn it into a product review.  ’Cuz you know, that’s what I do.)

I wasn’t the only one who was sad the show got cancelled.  I have seen fans for YEARS tweeting about the show being over and wanting it to come back.  It seriously was an awesome show.  Fans have been calling for a Veronica Mars movie since the show was cancelled in 2007, as has actress Kristen Bell, the star of the series.

Apparently the funding and interest from the big wigs in Hollywood was just not there.  So yesterday, the creator of the show, Rob Thomas – along with Kristen Bell – launched a Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter fundaiser initiative on Twitter.  They were asking for $2M in donations – if they get it, the movie will happen.

24 hours people.  I was watching the numbers go up all day yesterday in fascination.  This is a screenshot of the Kickstarter page today.


Yup.  They are over $2.5M now!  The power of the Internet is pretty friggin’ incredible and I just love that a mass amount of people can chip together to actually make something happen in Hollywood.

Also totally fascinating – or sad – or a little of both: #VeronicaMars trending higher and longer than the Pope news did yesterday.

So.  Who’s going with me to see the movie when it comes out?

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