Thread count comfort in your PJs

bodylinens.jpgMy post-partum goal is going to be to fit into these pajamas, as their 500-thread count makes them more comfortable than my bed sheets! Body Linens makes sleepwear for men and women at 500-thread count, their tagline being, “Why have 500-thread count sheets when you can’t have 500-thread count pajamas?” Seriously, why not?
And these designs from Body Linens are nice – classic and simple designs to compliment their soft nature. I’ve got the cami w/capri and can’t wait until I can actually get them both over my stomach once again. They also make a sexy little nightie and two different set of more traditional-looking Pjs. Each design is white with feminine looking pink trim.
Check them out – they make a Men’s set as well.
Use coupon code MWS10 for 10% off your order.

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