In ten years of blogging, I can’t say that I’ve ever gone this radio silent for so long. The time between Christmas and New Years is always traditionally quiet – everyone’s maxed out from the holidays, including me, but not like this.

This year, right after Christmas, I went to the Outer Backs with some friends on a trip we’ve done several times in the past.  We love that post-Christmas week down there – we’ll get occasional nice days where the kids can run on the beach, we get to hang out and decompress and just enjoy time AWAY.

I can’t tell you all how much I appreciated it this year more than ever.  My schedule has gotten crazier than ever – the kids are at that stage where they have an activity pretty much every night of the week and December was just insane with one holiday party or another.  I pretty much didn’t have a free day at any point during the entire month and I was BURNT OUT.  Physically, mentally and emotionally — I just had nothing left to give and for a number of reasons had really hit my limit this year.

We drove down south just two days after Christmas and while I didn’t make the conscious decision to stop blogging, I just let it slip for a bit and it could not have been a better thing for me.  I feel totally rejuvenated thanks to some downtime and time spent with amazing girlfriends who feel like sisters more than friends and their kids who feel like cousins to my kids rather than just friends.




We also had a chance to have some quality family time, something we haven’t been able to do in awhile either with our increasingly demanding schedule. It’s so easy to let it slip and to forget the bigger picture!  We took a day trip to the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island, which is just minutes from the Outer Banks vacation area. Given that my husband once considered marine biology as a major and I have two boys who are shark-obsessed, I wasn’t expecting much as we’re well-traveled as far as aquariums go (and we have a great one here in the Philly area).

But we were pleasantly surprised with our experience here! I highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever vacationing at the Outer Banks.  It was small but really affordable and they had a nice collection of marine life (including an impressive shark tank).  The staff was all really knowledgeable and we went to several Q&A sessions to learn about various topics.


The back of the aquarium also houses the N.E.S.T(Network for Endangered Turtles) Rehab Center, a spot where we got to stop and chat with volunteers and meet around a dozen sea turtles who have been rescued by NEST and were being rehabilitated there.

Lots of good being done there and we left the aquarium feeling educated and full knowing there are cool organizations out there helping to save the turtles.


Anyhow. Somehow you just have to get away, you know? I am feeling much more inspired to dive back into this blog and can’t wait to bring you all some awesome content for 2015. Happy New Year!



  1. Just discovered your blog – but I know the feeling about taking time off. Blogging isn’t far removed from being self-employed – when you work this game you have a million and one bosses instead of one. Anyway nice post. I’m newish to blogging and your blog has given me some inspiration.

    • Thanks for the comment Matt! You are absolutely right – it IS like being self-employed with many bosses, especially when you work from home 🙂 Good luck with your new blog!

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