whatmess My daughter just started to read books and is so excited that she can do it by herself! We recently received a new book called “What Mess?” and she couldn’t wait to read it to me.

What Mess?” is a cute and silly children’s book that tells the story from a little girl’s perspective. Her mommy tells her to clean her room, however she can not find the mess her mommy is talking about. As the story continues, the little girl justifies why the toys should be left out, since she is playing with them all! For instance the little girl’s teddy bears are in the middle of a picnic and can’t be disturbed and her eight baby dolls spread out on the floor under blankets are all taking naps. So she thinks her mommy can’t mean that mess! The story has a repetitive mantra (Mommy must know that) designed to help pre-readers learn to read.

My daughter has been reading it to my son and now every time he sees some sort of mess in our house, he says “mommy – mess”! Gotta’ love that! Check out the author’s blog where your child can enter what name they think the character in the book should be. If selected, the winner will be illustrated in her next book.

Use code MWS to save 10% off the book plus $5.50 flat fee s/h regardless of how many books are ordered. In addition, the author can dedicate and sign the books! Simply enter MWS at checkout and indicate the dedication in the comments section.

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