Over the holiday season, I started doing something I hadn’t done in awhile – reading actual magazines.  Crazy, right?  I think it was from having had the flu – as I recovered, I had taken some time off from being online and it was nice. Refreshing.

And as I recovered, it seemed just way more relaxing to flip through a magazine than be online being overwhelmed but a million different  things.

I’ve reconnected with loving looking at magazines ever since then.  And one of the magazines I still get and read is InStyle.

I like it for the fashion tips and it gives me good ideas on what to blog about.  And who doesn’t love checking out the celebs and what they wear in People’s Style Watch?  Because right now there’s a good deal – $1 an issue for both People StyleWatch and InStyle Magazine.

Like that it’s a cancel anytime, no penalty deal. You can even just do the 5 issues of each and be done – it’ll get you through the cold winter blues and give you ideas for fun stuff to wear in the spring!  Or if you only want InStyle, here’s a deal for 15 Issues of InStyle for less than $20.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post but there are affiliate links and I’m an InStyle ambassador.  As always, all thoughts and ramblings are my own.

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