We’ve loved the free summer movies offered by Regal Cinemas in previous years. Last year, Regal upped the summer offering to a $1 a movie. Totally understandable as there’s a cost involved in showing early morning movies (staff, clean up, etc.) I see some people are still griping over the cost increase vs the free, but really people? You can’t beat the price of paying only a buck for a movie for your kids.

Check out the $1 Summer Express at Regal website and input your zip code to see what’s offered in your neighborhood. Hubby just picked up a flyer for our local Regal and there are some great movies being shown this summer that I’m excited to take my kids to! The movie showings are at 10 am so we’ll be doing this on the weeks we aren’t on vacation or have the kids in camp.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s playing at my local theater – great, right? We just paid a fortune to see Chimpanzee, can’t believe we could have waited and only paid a dollar! Click on the image to put your own zip code in.


  1. Putting this on the summer to-do list!

  2. Is there something malfunctioning with your blog or with my Mozzila? I keep clicking on the subscribe button and I get some strange code from the browser. The feed content shows many strange characters and it looks messy. Maybe it’s from the new software I set up to get the subscription feeds into a custom way. Frustrating, never the less

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