regalsummermovie I used to love taking my kids to the free summer movies that were offered by Regal Cinemas. A couple of years they decided to charging $1 a ticket which is still a pretty good deal in my book. It’s always on a Tuesday or a Wednesday at 10 am.

Definitely a beat the heat and pass some time with the kids event that’s cost effective!

Check out the $1 Summer Movie Express at Regal Cinemas and enter your zip code or click on your state to find the nearest Regal that offers this awesome deal.

Below is list of the movies that will be playing this summer at Regals across the country. They are doing it a bit differently this year – you have to check to see what week they started showing movies at your theater and then figure out what week you’re on. Then use this chart to see what’s playing the week you are checking. My local theater already started this week so be sure to look soon!:


  1. We are so excited for the G rated options at the end of the summer. They’ll be my little ones first movies in the theater!

    • I know, they have a great line up this year! My 6 year old and I just rewatched the Big Miracle on HBO this week. Just love that movie and may have to take them to it again 🙂

  2. We love the free movies : ) Thanks for sharing what is playing!

  3. I wish we had this closer! But now I have a great idea for something to do at Grandma’s house!

  4. This is great, thanks for sharing!

  5. I totally forgot about these!! So glad you reminded me. This will be perfect for my kids this summer!

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