So I’m back from five days in Disney, where I ate and drank ALL THE THINGS. The massive amount of walking we did while there certainly helped combat some of the bad eating habits but now that I’m back to the grind I know I need to make some better food choices.(Which shouldn’t be too hard – no one’s offering me a margarita pool side today)

I gravitate towards clean food now after having done my successful Whole30 so I made a list and headed off to the grocery store to stock up on some healthier choices. Lunch is sometimes more of a challenge – I will plan out dinner but sometimes forget I need to make for one for lunch too!

If you’re looking for some quick and easy lunch ideas, I thought I’d share some of my favorites here:

Rotisserie chicken & avocado. I’m a huge fan of those rotisserie chickens at your local grocery store. I take the skin off and throw it out and only use the meat inside. (Note if you are doing strict Whole30 this may not be accepted depending on how or what your grocery store puts on the skin) I like wrapping it sometimes in a big piece of lettuce too.

Sweet Potato Cakes using this Salmon Cake recipe. I basically made this with any kind of meat I had in the house. Sweet potatoes fried up into patties? Delicious and filling!

Fresh Fruit & fried eggs.

Ground Chicken or Ground Turkey burger with whatever you have in the fridge to add on top of it. (Onion, Pepper, Tomato are all yum.)

Salad w/grilled chicken or any good veggies/fruit you have laying around. This Spring Greens w/Strawberries salad looks tasty.

Tuna salad. Pop open a can of tuna and mix it with some fresh tomatoes, put it on top of some mixed greens.

Chicken Salad. If you’re like me and love the mayo in the chicken salad, here’s a nice Clean Eating option that involves giving it that creamy consistency with greek yogurt instead. (And if you have to have mayo, I highly recommend Tessemae’s, which is Whole30 approved.)

Quinoa with tomatoes and avocado.

Tomato Soup. You can make your own really easily – like this recipe.

Chicken Soup – also easy to make your own. You can even add “noodles” (spaghetti squash) – check out this recipe.

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