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I have loved watching the evolution of baby showers over the course of the last decade that I’ve been a Mom.  When I was pregnant with my first, hubby and I had a Co-Ed Baby Shower.  I wasn’t into the whole baby shower thing at the time and some people reacted surprised: “You don’t want a baby shower just for you?”

Sit around for hours while everyone watches me open gifts?  No thanks.  It wasn’t for me.  But since then, I have seen a ton of amazing baby shower ideas that are very think-outside-the-box that include baby shower games that are fun and deviate from the traditional baby shower – making it a fun event for everyone involved!

So I’m writing today’s post as a part of a Walmart.com sponsored campaign.  Obviously all opinions are my own and all of these baby shower ideas came from all over the place!  But you can also find some great Baby Shower Games and products at Walmart.com (there’s a whole book on Baby Shower Games!)

Here we go! 8 Fun Baby Shower Activities & Games that I collected from various friends on Facebook and great spots online.  Some of these, I could really get into!

1. Write a Note to Baby for their Birthday – When each guest walks in the door, give them a card with an envelope and a number on the envelope.  The number they get is the age of the child.  Write a note to the baby for that year on their birthday giving them a piece of advice, a thought, or just something fun for them to read on their birthday. So neat!

2.  Don’t Say Baby – When each guest walks in the door, give them a pin to wear on their shirt.  Tell them they aren’t allowed to say the word “baby” until some specified time. (The site recommends the whole shower – or until gift opening – both of which seems torturous to me! I’d go with a half hour for fun on this one and then let everyone rest.)  Every time you hear someone say “baby” during the time, you get to take their pin and add it to yours.  The person with the most pins at the end of the time wins.

3. Late Night Diapers – Set a bunch of newborn diapers into a basket at the shower.  Bring Sharpies.  Have each guest write an encouraging note or funny tip on each diaper.  The new mom & dad are not to peak until late night when it’s diaper change time!  A nice little thing to do for a pick me up when Mom and Dad are tired and it’s 2 am.

4. He Says, She Says –  For co-ed showers, ask the mom and dad to give you 10 statements about the baby.  It can be 5 from the dad, 5 from the mom or a mix, but have it make up 10 statements.  Type them up and have the guests guess which parent made which statement!

5. Feel Up –  You definitely need the right sort of crowd for this one but for sure this would get a TON of laughs.  Maybe some mimosas need to be involved for the non-pregnant guests.  The hostess pairs people off and blindfolds one.  The other gets 5 clothes pins pinned to their clothes.  Blindfolded person then has to find the clothes pins without looking!  60 seconds.  The team with the most wins!

6. Baby O-ke – Pair the guests into two teams.  Each team picks a children’s song or lullaby to personalize and write new lyrics about for the new mom and baby.  Once done, the team has to sing their lullaby to the new mom! Cute!

7. Bobbing for Nipples – this one would be SUCH a hoot for a co-ed baby shower.  Instead of the traditional bobbing for apples, take some nipples off the top of a bottle, put them into a row of large buckets filled with water and make guests bob for as many as they can get in two minutes!

8. My Water Broke – You gotta plan ahead for this one but it’s cute.  Head to your local AC Moore or Michaels and buy a bunch of tiny plastic babies. (I know that sounds weird but I got one there once for a school project – they are about the size of a dime.)  Freeze the babies inside of ice cube trays in your freezer.  When the guests arrived, give them each a cup with a baby ice cube.  They have to take care of baby during the party.  First person to have their baby free floating wins when they shout, “my water broke!”  Probably good to make some rules like no holding baby under a lamp… or you can be creative and let them do what they want.  Either way it’s slightly disturbing and slightly funny so it’s sure to pass the time and get a few laughs.

9. Baby Shower Price is Right – print out a price sheet titled “Baby Shower Price is Right” game card for each guest.  The host will have the answer key based on the latest prices from her local grocery store.  Have each guest take a few minutes to guess the price of each baby item (list out items like baby bottle, diapers, formula, etc – any baby item you can think of!), total them up and then see who wins!

10. Baby Libs – just like Mad Libs.  Come up with a baby story of your own and have guests fill in the blank.  Read it aloud!

Thanks again to Walmart.com for giving me the inspiration to research and find these 10 fun ideas!  Be sure to check Walmart out for cool ideas on decorations and baby shower gifts too!

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