bookclub Joining a book club has been a great experience for me.  I love to read but I tend to read the same kinds of books over and over again.  Last year I joined a book club and I’ve loved how it’s encouraged me to break out of my normal book-reading routine.  We meet once a month so I have plenty of time to read the Book Club book along with some of my other normal reading material.

Back in January of 2014, I wrote 10 Books You Need to Read in 2014 based on a mix of books I love because they are my crazy style (sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian fiction) and some of our book club books that really wowed me last year.  This article continues to get shared daily on Pinterest, probably because people are always looking for a great list of new books to read!

So since it’s been almost five months,  I wanted to give an update and provide you guys with some new books based on the last 5 months of book-reading I’ve done!

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 The Rosie Project – my entire group loved this book about a socially challenged but brilliant professor who designs something called the Wife Project, an extensive list of requirements he needs out of a woman to be his wife.  Along the way he meets Rosie, who meets none of his criteria, and his life is turned upside down.  It was on the lighter side, cute, romantic and funny.

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Me Before You – this one was definitely heavy and quite a tearjerker but gave us a ton to talk about in book club.  It’s about a man who is a quadriplegic.  He wants to die.  His caregiver takes it upon herself to try and show him that life is still worth living.  I will leave it at that but if you want a deep one that will ensure much discussion at your book club, this is it.

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The Light Between Oceans – as a mother, this one ripped me apart.  You’ll have to click through to read the synopsis, I don’t want to give anything away but it provides some major talking points for a book club.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.50.49 PM State of Wonder – this one wasn’t for book club but came at the recommendation of a few friends on Facebook.  I will say this from the start, it’s slow at times but it really picks up about halfway and it’s a good thinking book to read.  I would imagine it would be a great read for a book club because there are some medical ethics that come into question that I think would make for a fabulous discussion.

And here’s some others I haven’t read yet but are on my list and come highly recommended:


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