If you have any kids in school – preschool or beyond – then you know how important it is to label everything.  (And if you’re a Mom with a baby and you aren’t there yet – keep reading anyway as it will happen sooner than you think!)I’ve played with all sorts of different ways of labeling my kids things, from sharpies to iron-ons to personalized labels.


One product I recently tried that is working well for us is from Oliver’s Labels.  I’ve been using their Original Labels on clothing, their Shoe Labels and I’m especially loving the Mini Labels which I’ve been sticking on just about everything. 

They’ve have plenty of label options in both shapes and design.  Think beyond just traditional school items too:  you can use these to label a toothbrush for camp, your iPod or your kids box of crayons.

Also – Oliver’s Labels has a cool little program they call Found-It. Opt to have your own special tracking code printed on your label and your item will be a part of a free online tracking system.  Imagine that your toddler dropped a favorite sippy cup in a parking lot. 

Presuming someone picks it up and looks at it, they will see the code on the label – which directs the finder to the Oliver’s Friends website and to key in the code.  You’ll receive an email saying the item was found.

Use coupon code “oliversfriends” to receive 10% off your order.


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