Back in May, I attended a local Dine Out For Hunger event. They had a bunch of giveaways and I let my kids buy tickets and put them into the raffles that most interested them.

Nate stuffed almost all of his tickets into the Insect Lore giveaway – five winners being selected to win a Butterfly garden with live caterpillars. He won one of the sets. I  had seen these advertised and around forever but had always shied away from getting one.

I’m one of those squeamish Moms – the type that makes girly screams when a spider runs by. But ya know, with two boys that sometimes doesn’t go over so well and receiving 5 live caterpillars and watching them turn into butterflies over the course of a few weeks – well the coolness of it ended up trumping the gross factor because this entire thing was truly awesome to watch and do with my kids.

So this is what we got – a live butterfly garden. It shipped to us and arrived with a tub of five butterfly larvae (caterpillars) that looked like this picture on the right. Over the course of a week, the caterpillars crawled up to the top and went into their chrysalis. Four of the five went into their chrysalis and ended up hatching a few days later.

The cat loved it. He was fascinated by the butterflies!

The day the the second butterfly emerged, we were headed to the beach for a two week vacation. I hadn’t timed it well so we decided to try and take them with us. I wasn’t sure they would make it but they did.

A week later, we set our butterflies free at the Jersey shore.

My boys and niece set the 4 butterflies free on Long Beach Island, NJ

One of our butterflies didn't want to leave! He hung out for hours.

I can’t tell you all what a cool experience this was for us. You can order your own set by using coupon code buggieswithstyle for 10% off your entire order at the Insect Lore website.

Giveaway: Or win your own! We have 5 sets to giveaway on our site this week.

To enter, leave a comment in this post.

For an additional entry, follow insectlore on Twitter and @mommieswstyle so I know you’ve followed them, to let me know you’ve done so.

Five winners will be selected at random after July 30, 2010.


  1. Follow both insectlore and mommieswithstyle on twitter-AutumH

  2. Crystal F says

    My girls would love this! thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Jill Myrick says

    I love that items such as this are so intriguing to my children while teaching them so much.


  4. Jill Myrick says

    I am following you and insectlore via Twitter as jlsc123.


  5. My Kids would love this! And I think I would too!

  6. very cool prize

  7. Anita A. says

    What a great experience this would be. Thanks for a fascinating and educational giveaway!

  8. Jennifer R says

    This would be a great learning experience for this new homeschooling family.

  9. My kids would love this – they could do this together, which would be great.

  10. B. Stump says

    My little ladies would love this.

  11. Paula Harmon says

    We are stuck at home this summer, no vacation or anything so this would be a fun thing for the kids to do. I have 4 bored ones here!

  12. The kids would have a blast with this and I love the pic of your cat wishing it could eat the butterflies. Thanks!

  13. Paula Hafner says

    This would be a great project to do with the kids.

  14. kids loves this

  15. follow insectlore on Twitter and @mommieswstyle;

  16. I looked into buying these for my kids. They sound like so much fun.

  17. I a follower of insectlore and @mommieswstyle on twitter…@klundine

  18. Angela Winesburg says

    I would love to win this for my daughter, thanks!

  19. Mary Thomas says

    My grand daughter would love this what a great way to teach kids 🙂

  20. Tracey Byram says

    Liz was talking about butterflies and cocoons just yesterday. this would be excellent for her to observe the process for herself.

  21. Cindy Zimmer says

    My son sees this on the commerical and he loves it. It is a cute idea and it more exciting then those Sea Monkeys I grew up with LOL. He had a lady bug releasing at his school before the end of the year and he was so fasinated with it.

    Thanks for the change to win.

  22. Looks like a fantastic kit and a great learning experience. I also like the Eco-Aquarium they have. That would be great for my kids.

  23. My five year old daughter saw this on tv and she wants it.. She would be so happy!

  24. annie armes says

    My nephews would love this!

  25. susan smoaks says

    we would have fun with this

  26. Michelle says

    What a great educational tool and fun too! Butterflies are amazing and beautiful!

  27. I would LOVE to win one of these so that my children could experience nature in this close up way, awesome!

  28. My boys would love this! Great giveaway! 🙂

  29. Following you and InsectLore on Twitter (@1day1dollar)

  30. Thanks for the chance with it, would be such a fun prize.

  31. I follow you and InsectLore on Twitter at Fatally_Flayed

  32. My daughter would find this super cool she loves butterflies and how neet to be able to watch them go thru cycles

  33. I think this is super cool. We had a butterfly garden in school when i was a kid and i would love one now too!!

  34. Please enter me for my kiddos 🙂

  35. My son loves caterpillers! This would be great for him.

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  38. Chris Ann says

    Your coupon code doesn’t even work. 🙁 Grow a brain.

  39. Liz Smith says

    Im dying to get this for my 4 year old, who adores butterflies!

  40. This sounds great! My kids we be so excited to have this.

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