REVENGE IS embraces that collectively we can change the world. We don’t have to completely alter our lifestyles, but simply focus on everyday actions to reduce the use and abuse of Earth’s natural resources.”

My husband is an avid recycler.  Not to mention that he randomly picks up bits of trash wherever we are as he says it’s our earth and every little bit helps.

If we could all just make a tiny change in our daily lives – pick up that one piece of trash and recycle it, it would make a huge difference.  Revenge Is is a company that is already making a big difference.  They manufacter and sell t-shirts made out of recycled plastic water bottles.

The tees have a great snug fit and are incredibly comfortable.  Which I don’t quite get – how do you make super soft clothing out of plastic bottles?  Amazing.  And awesome.  Go get yourself one of their funky and cool design tees in support of Earth Day. 

Be sure to use coupon code moms for 10% off your entire order.  Expires May 31, 2010.

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