I recently caught wind of the latest prints and patterns from Hooter Hider and Bebe Au Lait. They are adorable! And as someone who lived under her Hooter Hiders through nursing, I’m envious of all of the current nursing Moms who can use some of the hip, new patterns.
I’ve said it dozens of times before and I’ll say it again – I’m a modest person and I really don’t know that I would have nursed so successfully, for so long, and in public without my Hooter Hiders. Every nursing Mommy should have one.
I checked out some new patterns from the Baby Bella store – you can check them out too and you can use coupon code “mommies” to receive 10% off your Bebe Au Lait or Hooter Hider purchase.


  1. I am a new mom too and I use pashmina shawls wraps and scarves as maternity shawls and it is soft and comfy makes feeding baby easy even in public places and I buy my discount pashmina shawls for $16 from Yours Elegantly online as they give free shipping and I got a gift necklace too.

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