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Father’s Day is Sunday June 15th this year.  Dads do a lot year around, and it’s a great day to show them a little appreciation and love, right?  There are some amazing cute and crafty ideas on Pinterest for things you can do with and for Dad.

Looking for an idea of something simple?  Here are 10 ideas to get your creative juices flowing and make Dad happy on his big day:

1. Take Dad on a surprise picnic and hike.  Most dads love the great outdoors and June is a fabulous time to be outside with your family.  Get the kids to help pack a picnic and surprise him with a day at his favorite trail or park!


2. Give Dad a handmade tie.  Cut the shape of a tie out of construction paper and have the kids decorate it and sign it!  We have a couple of these from over the years and they are precious.  One year, my son wrote on what his favorite thing about Dad was on the back:

3. Breakfast in bed – include some bacon in the shape of a heart.  Saw this on Pinterest – so cute!  (Shape it while it’s uncooked and then pop it in the oven!  Comes out crispy and heart shaped!)

4.  Another one from Pinterest.  Take a glass jar and fill it with Peanut M&Ms.  Add a note that reads, “To my slightly nutty but sweet Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!”  (Adorable!)

5.  A slightly altered version of the above one – fill a glass had with lollipops and write on it, “to the World’s Best Pop!”

6.  Fill a jar with Reese’s Pieces and add a note that says, “Love you to Pieces!”

7. Homemade coupons.  Every parent loves a homemade coupon that they can cash in for hugs and other fun goodies.


8. Handprints on a piece of paper or in a card.  I love & saved both of these handprints with poems that each of my boys did in their respective years in kindergarten for Daddy Day (right before Father’s Day).  They are both really cute and work well with handprints – check them out.  Plus, the handprint thing is so nice to have in later years when their little hands aren’t so little anymore!

9. Father’s Day is on a Sunday, during baseball season!  Is your team playing a home game?  Take him to a ball game with the family and make some memories!

10. If you have little ones, I saw this idea online.  Use a marker and write on the bottom of their feet, “I Love You, Dad.” Depending on how many feet you have, you can add in some little hearts and other cute doodles.  Have them line up their feet when he wakes up on Father’s Day.  Adorable!

Want to include a store-bought gift? has a wonderful selection of Father’s Day gifts that you can get at great prices.  Check out these ideas on’s Pinterest Man Cave page (Love it!) or shop for a new set of tools for him.

Thanks again to for giving me the inspiration to research and find these 10 fun ideas!


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