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A springtime rite of passage for most is doing a major purge or going on a spring cleaning binge. I love it. There’s something so satisfying about those first few warm days of spring when you can open your windows and get inspired to tidy up from the winter mess.

We’re not quite there yet in Philly as it still feels like winter but it’s coming! We did have a tiny peak of some nice weather over the weekend, so in honor of the spring that is hopefully right around the corner, I’m bringing you today’s post: 10 quick spring cleaning tips that are sure to help you feel renewed and uplifted as springtime emerges.

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10 Spring Cleaning Project Ideas

1. Reseal grout lines. Those little cracks in your shower & kitchen tile can be sealed up easily with a little grout sealer.

2. Clean window treatments. Wipe down wooden blinds with a damp cloth. Take your cloth blinds to dry cleaning.

3. Shampoo your rugs. You can do it yourself with a home carpet cleaner or call a professional service. Keep the windows open while you do it and enjoy the fresh, clean smell!

4. Pull a KonMari and empty out your closet. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in more than a year and donate it! Having the additional room will make you happy and you’ll make someone somewhere happy and grateful for your donated items.


5.Wash All your Window Screens: Using warm water and a mild dishsoap, scrub each screen with a brush and then rinse off and if it’s a nice day, leave outside to dry! It’s amazing how much random gunk can collect on the screens over the winter.

6. Dedicate a day to cleaning all your trim. Same as above. With the windows closed and everyone cooped up, a lot of random dirt and hair can stick to your woodwork and trim. I like to use Clorox wipes to go around each room and wipe them down. It’s not a long project either and makes a big difference. If you want to go above and beyond, adding in all the light fixtures and walls around them are a good idea too.

7. Clean out the fridge. Watch out for the moldy cheese in the back from 6 months ago that you forgot about from. If you have time, tackle the pantry after!

8. Declutter your kitchen cabinets so you can clear off your counters. I really liked this post from Life Renewed and plan on implementing some of these ideas on a weekend soon. We have way too much clutter on our counter tops and most likely a lot of unnecessary items in our cabinets that aren’t getting used.

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9. Weed & clear out all the overgrowth in your garden. I love the excuse to get outside on the first warm day and just weed and clean things up getting ready for the spring!

10. Gut and declutter the garage. Another great first day of spring idea is to just pull everything out of your garage and put it on the driveway. Sweep, clean and reorganize as much as you can before putting it all back.


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