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Packing for college is stressful! Luckily, Im here to help you out. There are PLENTY of items you may realize you need once youre at school. Here are the top things you cant forgetremember, its the little things that make a huge difference.


Life is always better with music. A speaker in college is a must for showers, mornings, and having friends over! {Example:JBL Portable Speaker}

Extra Charger

For whatever reason, chargers just go missing. It is a good idea to pack an extra to avoid the stress. {Example:iPhone 3-pack Charging Cablesand Wall Chargers}

Shower Shoes

These shoes will be your most worn. No matter how much you do not want to wear them, it is really important. You will be sharing showers with a bunch of people and its a good idea to keep your feet protected and clean. {Example:Showaflops}


Since your room is small, everywhere you step is on your carpet. Dirt will be everywhere. And youll be surprised how much hair ends up on your carpet. {Example: Dirt Devil}


For whatever reason, cash is extremely scarce in college. It is a good idea to head to the bank before you leave and take out some cash. Some places around my school only accept cash and my bank is nowhere around me.


This is obvious, but easy to forget. {Example: HappyGo Umbrella}

Ice/Hot Pack

When you’re sick this is a must! {Example: Hot/Cold Ice Pack}

Bed Stool

Since your bed is most likely raised for storage, getting in and out of bed can sometimes be a hassle. I suggest bringing a stool to get in and out to avoid this. {Example: Bed Stool w/Storage}

Drawer Dividers

I found it hard to organize my clothes with the little space available in dorm rooms. I used dividers to help section off my drawers and keep it organized. {Example: SimpleHouse Drawer Dividers}

Drying Rack

My dryer at school shrunk everything!! I eventually bought a drying rack to hang dry my clothes and I wish I had this at the beginning because it saved so many of my clothes. {Example: AmazonBasics Drying Rack}

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