Every year, our parish school does Trunk or Treat. If you aren’t familiar, it’s an event where you park your car in a parking lot and decorate it for Halloween. The kiddos walk around and Trick or Treat out of the various cars. It’s a load of fun and people get really into trying to find cool and fun themes for their cars!


Last year, we did this mouth above. It was a fun little family project to make the mouth and really easy! It’s pretty self-explanatory but you can see what I used here.

This year, I’m on the hunt for new ideas – there are tons of creative and fun options out there! I’ve gathered some of my favorites here. If you’re going to a Trunk or Treat near you, maybe you can get your own idea from some of these:

1.) So number #1 is any sort of mouth like the one I did above. Lots of variations possible! I saw one that added whiskers black triangles made out of posterboard on the top of the car to be a cat!

2.) Wizard of Oz
I saw a lot of Wizard of Oz themed cars online. I found this one on Pinterest that I thought was super-cute and I don’t think it would be too tough to recreate. Moms & girls could dress up as Dorothy or the Wicked Witch, Dads or boys could be the Tin Man or Scarecrow!

3.) Red Riding Hood


This one from Pop Sugar is a classic with a lot of possibilities for dressing up as well as including some games for the kiddos (like an Apple Toss as the show in the picture)

4.) Frog
This Frog from Pinterest is all kinds of awesome.

5.) Zoo


A zoo theme from Project Little Mo seems simple and a nice use of the bazillion stuffed animals you already have in your house!

6.) Cookie Monster


Cookie Monster‘s an all-play for all ages and nice if you’ll be having a lot of really little kids coming by your trunk. As long say you find a couple of box boxes and get some paint, this one doesn’t look too hard!

7.) Noah’s Ark


Noah’s Ark is a good one, especially if you’re at a church Trunk or Treat! Plus, you could also do like they did in the Zoo above and use all the stuffed animals in your house for the animals on the ark…

8.) Charlie Brown


Using real pumpkins or ones you’ve painted with your kids on cardboard, I also feel like this one isn’t too complicated! There’s certainly plenty of leaves to be found this time of year and with a little fake turf like they have in the photo this could work. The hardest part would be making Charlie Brown & friends but it’s definitely good for an afternoon art craft with the kiddos!

9.) Witch’s Kitchen Trunk

Love this one shown again on PopSugar – it’s impressive looking with a lot of goodies you can just buy online!

10.) Minecraft


Can’t go wrong with Minecraft



  1. Thank you for the ideas. I have a quick question how do you secure the eyes on top and the mouth. What kind of tape I’d there a box holding the eyes? Thank you

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