There’s been so much wonderful press surrounding Breast Cancer Awareness month, and here’s another cause I didn’t want to get lost in the fray.
October 15th has been nationally named the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Only recently passed in congress! I learned of this on the Peapod Announcement website. They have a complete explanation of it here.
It’s a sensitive subject and I think all of us, as mothers (whether we’ve experienced a miscarriage, infant loss or not) can appreciate the importance of such a day and cause.
100% of all proceeds on the Peapod Announcement site on Sunday, October 15th will be donated to Share, the nonprofit organization for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness.


  1. Thank you!!

  2. emily schultz says

    I think this is wonderful. I am a Neonatal ICU nurse, so I have dealt with parents who lose their infants on a daily basis. Also parents who have miscarried once, or numerous times in the past, only to lose a child to stillbirths, prematurity or complications of; or miscarriage once again. It is so sad and the bereavement programs most NICU's have are wonderful but don't recognize these tragedies in the years to come.

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