120x240CompetitionButton.gifSome of the companies I get to review have such dreamy stuff that I seriously have to leave my wallet at home when I go look at it, lest I get into too much trouble. Such is the case with 10Grain, a company that makes a line of furniture and decor for kids. I admit it, I want every piece. In fact their Paul Frank wall stickers and simple bent plywood pieces inspired the entire design of my sons’ room. It’s almost complete now, I just need to to purchase a side table from them! Here is my original review of 10Grain.
Now it’s the kids turn to inspire the grown-ups. 10Grain is running a contest and calling all kids to submit the Perfect Playhouse Design. Along with Coochicoos they want to know exactly what your kids think would make their vision complete. Winners will be selected in the 6 and under and 7-12 yr old categories. Prizes include the softy table and popstick chairs from 10Grain and Boon’s Animal Bag (my review of these is also coming soon!)
Click on over to 10Grain for another look at their furniture and details how to enter the Perfect Playhouse Design Competition.

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