MinecraftParodySongs Two years in and the Minecraft obsession in our house hasn’t waned.  We have a server, Minecraft toys and regularly have someone playing at our house.  My 9 year old is the big player but my 6 year old has gotten into the action recently too.

One of the ways they take Minecraft “offline” when we’re in the car or on the go is via Minecraft parody songs.  They’re hugely popular on YouTube and you can download the popular ones on iTunes.  They are songs sung to popular tunes you recognize – only the lyrics have been re-written to be related to Minecraft play.

We’ve downloaded a bunch on iTunes and now have a Minecraft Playlist on my iPhone that the kids are always dancing around to them.  And since they are based off otherwise popular songs, they’re kinda fun to listen to for the adults too.

If you like them, go onto iTunes and search on the title via the Minecraft song title I’ve listed below.

1. Like An Enderman (based on a ThnxCya song)

2. Falling Kindgom (Coldplay)

3. Revenge (Usher)

4. TNT (Taio Cruz)

5. Mine it Out (will.i.am)

6. One More Fright (Maroon 5)

7. Trade Shop (Macklemore)

8. We’re Miners and We Know It (LMFAO)

9. Make a Cake (Katy Perry)

10. Don’t Mine at Night (Katy Perry)

11. Join Me Stevie (Carly Rae Jensen)

12. Mineshaft (Maroon 5)


  1. Here’s one I found this morning while I was looking for a couple of new songs. Good quality.


    Nice to know I’m not the only mom that listens to the parodies, downloads the ones that make the cut, and hears, “Mom, Mom! Come look… I found a diamond.” And has to console the frustrated child that fell in the lava. My son was sure it was a punishment the first time he wailed at the TV (we have Xbox and computer versions) and I ran in and turned it off. The look was priceless. He’d just gotten started and the Xbox auto saves periodically and on exit. He turned it on again and had his gear back. LOL Saved some belly-aching.

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  3. Mark MacVicar says

    Nice list. I also like “Redstone Active”, “Creepers are terrible”, “Supernatural Mobs”, and “Lonely Miner”

  4. These are hilarious I love them omg

  5. These are hilarious I love It omg

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