Hey Mommies,

I’m excited to announce that I’m a part of a really fun campaign for the holiday season.  I’ve partnered with 11 other websites and we’re doing 12 days of Giveaways on our 12 websites starting this Thursday!  We have some amazing companies bringing you some awesome prizes – some of the companies include: Bertolli, HP, Cracker Barrel, Snapfish, Lands End and more!  You will have 12 places to enter, plus a 13th chance to win if you participate in our Twitter Party THIS Thursday at 9 pm ET with the hashtag #wingiveaways and follow @wingiveaways

Blogs participating in this bash include:

Check back Thursday for the first giveaway and be sure to join us Thursday night if you’re on Twitter!


  1. What is a Twitter party and how do you participate? I am new to twitter and have never heard of a twitter party but would definitely love to win stuff:)

  2. Hi Julie! Did you join Twitter? You need to do that first – make name on http://www.twitter.com. And then there are times when there are “parties.” you can just participate but using something called a hashtag that’s been predetermined. It’s with a pound sign – #

    So Thursday at 9, anything you say with #wingiveaways you’ll be entered to the giveaways. You can use a site called Tweetgrid.com to see what others are saying too so it’s like one big conversation. Hope that helps and hope to see you there!

  3. Can you enter on Thursday without going on Twitter? Some of us are still living in the dark Ages!!!

    • Aunt Brenda, yes! Every day for 12 days I’ll have a giveaway here. (So will the other 11 bloggers) Nothing to do with Twitter at all!

      There’s just a 13th chance to win one of every prize on Twitter for the party but it’s just a bonus for Twitter users

  4. what are the twitter party prizes??

    • Steff – I think we’ll be posting it in another day or two but it’s all the prizes from all of our giveaways. Basically one from every brand pictured in that brand photo in my post! They are some great giveaways!

  5. VERY exciting!!! I will be joining you at the Twitter Party tomorrow night!!! Following you now on Twitter too!

  6. I am planning to be at the twitter party tonight. I am following you now on Twitter. @kidshusbandandi.

  7. I’ll be there:)


  8. Hope to be there. 🙂 @Neilzabka918

  9. Exciting! Try to see you later tonight 😀 @Sexyknickers68 Would love the chance to win something for my grandchild. Thank you and Thanks to all the sponsors!

  10. shauna casolari says

    I’ll be there @scasolari

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