I’m kind of surprised at myself that I didn’t think to post this one sooner.  I use TripAdvisor all the time.  Pretty much anytime we’re on the road, TripAdvisor comes out.

As you can probably guess from the title (if you don’t already know the website), TripAdvisor is a helpful app for when you are traveling.  It includes reviews and ratings from other users on hotels, restaurants, things to do and so much more.  I use it regularly when we’re somewhere just to see what’s nearby.  The best part about it is the “Near Me Now” feature which uses technology to locate where you are and then show you on map what’s within relative vicinity of where you are standing and holding your iPad. (or iPhone, as it’s also available on iPhone, iPods.)

And the review aspect is invaluable.  There are over 50 million reviews from other TripAdvisor users!  I used this app every night on my 10 year anniversary trip with hubby last fall.  We went to restaurants solely based on TripAdvisor reviews and we were really happy with the end result.

Get TripAdvisor for the iPad and iPhone for free on iTunes.

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