Did any of you guys play the Sim games when you were younger?  I’ll admit, I totally loved SimCity, the Sims and SimTower at various points in college.  (Doesn’t that date me?)   But I especially remember one summer playing a lot of SimTower for whatever reason.

This iPad app, Tower Town, reminds me of SimTower, although it’s not just one Tower you’re building but many in your own city.  Like so many other of the simulation games and apps, you have to wait to earn energy, money and supplies to build various parts of your towers.  Another mindless but addicting one. (Are you sensing a theme here?)  The kids and I have been chipping away at building our own mini Town.

It’s free to download the app on your iPad although this is one of those where you can get sucked into buying additional money and coins but it’s perfectly fun without any additional purchases.

Find TowerTown in the iTunes store.


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