This one’s apropos to New Years Day as today’s the day so many people in the world will be starting in on their New Years Resolutions.  Because of course one of the most common New Years Resolutions?  Losing weight and/or getting healthy.  I have blogged many times about My Fitness Pal, mostly as a website and the success I’ve found using it.  It’s a free web-based community where you can calorie track.

They also have an App.  I use it on both my iPhone and iPad (you have to stretch it 2x to fit it on the iPad so it’s a little grainy but it’s no biggie).  I like having it when I’m out and about so I can track a quick snack or workout if I’m going to be out of the house all day and not on my computer.

If you plan on getting fit or losing weight this year, I highly recommend checking out My Fitness Pal the app and the website.  It’s free so it can’t hurt, right?

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