Did you know all the things that your HSA will cover for you? A couple of years ago, I didn’t. We have a flex plan and I was diligently using it for co-pays and prescriptions until a pharmacist at CVS informed that I could be using it for so much more.

Lively, the modern HSA provider, sent out a handy list that I found really helpful. This had some items on it that I didn’t even think of! Summertime expenses can really add up, so how about using your tax-free money to get some of them? Why not if you can, right?

9 Items To Use Your HSA/FSA Money Towards:


1. Sunscreen
2. Aloe Vera
3. Dermatology treatment and products

Eye care:
4. Prescription Sunglasses
5. Laser Eye Surgery

For allergies:
6. Allergy Tests
7. Allergy and Sinus Medication
8. Eye Drops

9. Dramamine

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